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Count On You charge per hour for bookkeeping and payroll services (payroll is charged per payslip produced depending on volume).  Client needs’ vary and therefore we need to understand a bit more about your business before providing you with a quote which is why it is a good idea to get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation. Many people in business automatically assume that when they start up, they need an Accountant which may actually cost a substantial amount more than that of a bookkeeper.  It is true that businesses should seek support but many businesses overlook that it may be a bookkeeper they require rather than an Accountant. By using Count On You, you will be offered the appropriate service that you require so that you can invest more of your hard earned cash in your business rather than on expensive fees.  There are some instances where you may require specific expertise and as we work with a few specialist Tax Advisors and Accountants you can be sure that you get the service you need, when you need it. Some examples of how existing clients use Count On You (you’ll know from this which you’d prefer for yourself):

  • Some clients prefer to use our administration services whereby we create their customer invoices for them, and also log supplier invoices as they come in.
  • Some clients keep all their documentation in a folder or box which they hand in on a regular basis – others do this once a year although it’s recommended that this is at least quarterly in order to stay on top of any changes that may affect you (i.e. whether you need to register for VAT), especially as the government is looking to introduce MTD – Making Tax Digital.
  • Some clients do their own books and pass over all the relevant information and documentation in order to just provide final accounts and submit their tax return.
  • Some clients use our bookkeeping services only, and maintain their existing Accountant to finalise their year end accounts and tax return.

Whatever you decide, all these examples will take different amounts of time and therefore relevant prices would be advised to the client and regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains as fair and accurate as possible for both parties.

Tax Investigation Insurance

From January 2017, this service is automatically included once you engage as a client.  Please click on the Policy Document – Premier Professional to read more information on how our clients are protected.

Current Fees – updated Jan 17

From January 2017, our pricing structure was updated to reflect the professional service in which we offer.  As a qualified bookkeeper and regulated licenced accountant, Count on You provides the client with the comfort and confidence of a professional service with versatility and flexibility to meet the client’s budget as well as maintaining the regulatory obligations of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  Whilst we previously charged an optional fee for Tax Enquiry Fee Protection, with an increasing number of tax enquiries, this is now a cover which all clients are automatically covered for once they engage with us.  Most popular services and fees are listed below.


  • Our standard fee for an individual’s personal tax return is £150.
  • Our standard fee for a sole-trader with business accounts and personal tax return is £250.
  • Our standard fee for a director’s personal tax return for who’s limited company accounts are completed by us, is £100.


  • Our standard fee for partnership business accounts and the partnership tax return is £250.
  • Our standard fee for a partner’s personal tax return is £150, reduced to £100 each if more than 2 partners.

Limited Companies:

  • For limited companies with up to £1M Turnover, our standard fee for preparing and submitting company accounts is £600.
  • Confirmation Statements to Companies House (previously known as Annual Returns) are charged at £45.

Other services:

  • Bookkeeping services are charged at £18ph.  Please note that before accounts can be finalised, a certain amount of bookkeeping may be required.
  • VAT Return submissions are charged at £25.
  • Payroll payslips and RTI submissions are charged at £5 per payslip per month (£2 per payslip if weekly paid).
  • Confirmation Statements are charged at £45.
  • Registration processes with HMRC are £30 although prices will be discusses and agreed based on client’s circumstances.
  • Please contact us for a price on all other services.

Card Acceptance Fees

The fees associated to accepting cards are predominantly made up of a % fee for card transactions and a pence per transaction for authorisation.  The device in which you take the payment comes at a separate monthly charge depending on the make and model chosen.  These costs vary depending on the business sector in which you operate, as well as the turnover you are likely to put through. As the card payment schemes (Visa and MasterCard), along with acquiring banks regularly change their pricing structures, restrictions and regulations so please contact us to chat more about this and find out what offers we currently have available for your business.

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