Bookkeeping Services

Count On You offers a comprehensive range of bookkeeping and financial support services that can be tailored to the needs of new start-up businesses as well as existing small businesses.

We provide support and advice in a friendly and simple way to make sure that your business interests are being looked after and that you remain compliant with the appropriate authorities. Communication is key and this is what makes us stand out.

We also go behind the figures to provide analyses that you can use as a performance management tool, and we highlight trends and opportunities to enhance profit.

Some of the activities we can undertake for you include:

  • Administration services (i.e. Creating and emailing customer invoices)
  • Logging income and expenses
  • Preparing performance reports or accounts
  • Logging and reconciling bank account transactions and statements
  • Compiling tax returns (Self Assessment, Corporation Tax)
  • PAYE payroll processing
  • VAT returns
  • Annual Confirmation Statements to Companies House
  • Registering a new business with HMRC and Companies House
  • Registering a business with VAT, PAYE, Self Assessment or Corporation tax
  • Accounts software Training

Tax Investigation Insurance

A few clients had previously enquired about insurance to cover their bookkeeping costs should HMRC raise an enquiry against them.  This type of enquiry is increasing year on year, and we personally think it is a wise move to have cover in place.  This is why, from January 2017, all clients are automatically covered once the engage business with us.  Why would you need cover?:

  • HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels and they are targeted to increase tax revenues
  • HMRC has been granted wider powers of enquiry carrying out Business Record Checks, Compliance Visits and Interventions covering all taxes
  • Anyone that pays tax can come under enquiry and many enquiries are selected completely at random
  • Even where your tax returns and records are complete and accurate and there are no errors, the investigation fees can mount up

The benefits of cover:

  • The insurance would cover the costs of ‘Count on You’ defending you and spending the time with HMRC on your behalf
  • There is no policy excess
  • The insurance company pay the cost of the investigation time directly without you having to reclaim
  • They provide attendance at any meeting with HMRC
  • Complete peace of mind

It may be worthwhile pointing out that, if there is any tax enquiry whereby an investigation is required, this can be quite invasive and time-consuming.  As such, costs are over and above any normal bookkeeping fee and often require specialist advice and resources, the hourly rate is charged at a premium.  Please read more about this cover by clicking on the Policy Document – Premier Professional.

Payroll Services

Any business who employs and pays others, must be registered and comply with HMRC regulations regarding PAYE.  This means there is a requirement to inform HMRC everytime you pay your employee and at the time you pay them. We use specialist software which automatically ensures that you remain compliant and that you and your employees are paying the correct amount of National Insurance and that your employee is paying the correct amount of Income Tax.  We can either email you a payslip for your employees or have them printed and dispatched depending on your preference.  You will also be provided with an employers report showing you the amount you are required to pay each month for PAYE and National Insurance contributions along with a due date so that nothing is missed.

Supply of Card Acceptance Facilities

Count on You have teamed up with Specialised Card Solutions Ltd sharing a wealth of experience in the Card Payment industry to allow retailers to accept card payments within their businesses.  Whether you currently accept card payments or are new to this, we can supply various card payment terminals (fixed, portable or mobile) together with card agreements to your business or company at discounted rates. The fees associated to accepting cards are predominantly made up of a % fee for card transactions and a monthly payment for the device in which you take the card payment.  This monthly charge depends on the make and model chosen.  The costs vary depending on the business sector in which you operate, as well as the turnover you are likely to put through. As the card payment schemes (Visa and Mastercard), along with acquiring banks regularly change their pricing structures, restrictions and regulations so please contact us to chat more about this and find out what offers we currently have available for your business. We are also offering a new service to retailers who accept cards and need some support in completing their annual self-certification of compliance for PCI DSS (This stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).  Please get in touch if you want to take advantage of this support which may save you alot of time and money as many acquiring banks charge hefty monthly fees for non-compliance!

Complete Internet Sales Systems

A complete internet sales system not only allows web transactions for e-Commerce enabled websites, but it may also include a Virtual Terminal – This is a manual entry payment portal, which allows secure transaction processing for low-medium volume Retailers who want to get started quickly. It can be used on any PC connected to the Internet and features a wizard driven interface for simple transaction keying. This would allow your business to accept payments for goods via the telephone and key the transaction directly into the Banking systems via Visa and MasterCard.

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